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Rules of Jacks or Better Explained

Jacks or Better is a casino game where you compete against the machine. Your aim is to get a winning hand, which can have two Jacks or higher at least or a Royal Flush at the most.

You make a wager at the onset prior to being dealt five cards. Afterwards, you pick which card you want to retain and throw away. The cards you choose to discard will then be substituted with a new set of cards which will then comprise your final hand. You will then be paid accordingly. You can double your payout if you manage to win.

It is played using the regular 52 card deck. To reduce the possibility of cheating, the cards are shuffled prior to the beginning of each game. In this video poker variation, suits are irrelevant since they have similar rank. Only the most superior winning combination will receive a payout.

When betting, you have an option to choose between single and five coins. You can place a wager ranging from US$1.00 to US$500. Your bet for the succeeding games is fixed at the same amount during the previous games. It's up to you to increase or decrease the bet amount.

In addition, you can opt for five coin play by clicking the 'BET MAX' button. This option likewise commences the next game. If you like to add more credits, you can press the 'REBUY' button.

The option to 'DOUBLE' on your bet is made after a win. When you accept the offer, you will be dealt five new cards with one card facing up. You will pick a card from the four remaining cards facing down. If the card you selected has a higher value than the initial face-up card, you will receive double payouts. Otherwise, your bet is lost. If both cards have identical values, a tie will ensue, and you have the prerogative to re-double or collect your payouts.

For every win, you will be given the choice between going for another double or collect your payout. The option to double will be offered only if you have accumulated less than 2,000 coins. If the overall winnings are less than 2,000 coins, you will not be entitled to receive an offer and the game returns to the main game.

When the quota has been reached, the doubling game terminates and will resume the main game.

By knowing these rules, you can have a guarantee of having a worthwhile time playing Jacks or Better.