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The Rules of 4-Line Jacks Or Better

The aim of Four Line Jacks or Better is to get the best paying hand from the five cards dealt to you. Its difference from the classic game is that it uses four lines of cards with each line utilizing various stacks of cards. Individual lines are taken as an independent hand to determine the winner.

When playing Jacks or Better, superior hands entail bigger payouts. You have the option to select the number as well as what cards will be discarded. You will be allowed to discard cards only once.

You make a choice on the value of the coins you want to bet for each round, by pressing the plus and minus buttons on the right portion of your screen. You can bet a minimum of one to a maximum of five coins. Pressing the Bet One button once increases the number of coins you will bet. Pressing Bet Max increases your wager to the highest possible bet per line. Likewise, you can press the corresponding button on the pay chart to indicate the number of coins for every line.

The chosen bet amount represents one line and because there are four lines, four times the value of single line wagers will be deducted from your account balance. The amount of your bet will be displayed on the Bet screen in the lower right portion of the window.

You can select the cards to be retained by clicking the Hold button below the card or by clicking on the cards. The cards you retained can be utilized across all four lines of cards. It has an auto-hold option where cards having a winning hand on the original cards are automatically retained.

The cards you did not select can be replaced by clicking on the Deal button. Afterwards, the final hand will be verified for possible winning combinations. For winning hands located on multiple lines, the winnings will accumulate.

When you have a winning hand, you can either collect your winnings or go for a double. If you choose the latter, four cards facing up will be dealt and you will select from four cards facing down. If your chosen card has a lower value than that of the dealer's, you lose your initial winnings. In case of a tie, you can collect the money or re-double. If your card has a higher value, you win twice the amount of your initial winnings.

Likewise, you have the option to Half Double, meaning that you double with fifty percent of your winnings and then keep the remaining amount in your balance. Doubling is different from the main betting round and it can be seen in the Game History.