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How To Win in Jacks or Better

Since the royal flush offers the highest winning hand, the most ideal strategy is to try and complete a possible royal flush. There are instances when you have to dissolve hands that are winnable in their own right in order to be able to go for the huge payouts. You should be careful in making your decisions.

However, if you are the kind of person who would shoot for the royal flush whenever necessary, here are some possible strategies that you can use to achieve your objective.

If you have 4 cards leading to a royal flush, your best move is to maintain the four cards and then replace the fifth even if it means dissolving a straight or a flush.

If you need only two more cards to get a royal flush and the hand consists of a full house, straight flush, four of a kind, or three of a kind, stay with the paying hands. If none, keep the three cards and replace the two cards.

With 2 cards leading to a royal flush, maintain any paying hands as well as pairs even if they have a low payout. Likewise, maintain 4 cards leading to a flush or a straight. Another option with this scenario is to keep the cards over one high card or three cards leading to a flush or straight.

For 4 cards leading to a straight flush, your call is to maintain the complete flush or straight or look for a straight flush. If you have three cards leading to a straight flush, you can maintain a paying hand or low or low pair. Another option is to replace two cards with new ones.

When only need two more cards to get a straight flush, you can have the option to maintain paying hands or a low pair. You can replace three cards as well.

If only one more card is lacking to get a flush, the usual strategy is to maintain a high pair if there is one. Otherwise, the fifth card should be replaced.

For three cards leading to a flush, the best strategy is to hold a three of a kind, 2 pairs, or any pair. If no such hands are present, discard the two other cards.

Finally, if three are needed to get a flush, you can maintain pairs or paying hands or keep the two cards and discard the other three. Taking these Jacks or Better strategies in mind can assure that you get the highest possible return.