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Understanding The Rules of Jacks or Better

There are many popular video poker variations available to gamblers. Among these variations, Jacks or Better is regarded as one of the more popular. Here we will look at how the game is played.

From the name itself, each player aims to obtain a hand consisting of two Jacks or a pair with a higher value. It is played using the regular 52-deck cards. Suits are irrelevant since they have similar values.

Prior to the start of the game, the player determines their bet by pressing the corresponding button. He can choose to play with a single or five coins. To ensure that you would get the maximum payout, it is recommended that you play the highest number of playable coins.

After placing your bets, you will be dealt five cards. With the cards that were dealt, you have the prerogative to maintain or replace any card that you choose. If you wish to stay with your current cards, press the Hold button. On the other hand, if you wish to discard the selected card, click on the Draw button. The dealt cards will consist your final hand. The machine will then find out if there is a winning combination. Corresponding payouts will be given out accordingly based on the payout chart.

Compared to other variations of video poker, Jacks or Better provides you with an option to double your payouts. Here you will be dealt with five new cards, one of which is positioned face up. You will then choose a card from the four remaining cards which are positioned facing down.

If the chosen card is higher than the initial one, you will win double the value of you initial bet. Conversely, you will lose the entire bet. If both cards are of equal value, there is a push and you have the option to double again or get your initial bet.

However, this feature of Jacks or Better holds true only if you have piled up winnings less than 2,000 coins. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to use the feature and the game is automatically terminated. Should the coin quota be reached, the option to double ends, and the main game commences.

If you lose your Internet connection at some point in the game, the video poker software will resume the game for you. You can see the results of the game by checking out the Gamelogs feature once you sign in again.

At the same time, you will be prompted to finish the game as soon as you log back in when you are disconnected. At the conclusion of the main game, you have the option to continue with a similar game or choose your own game.