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Optimal Strategy Guide For Video Poker

Video poker is an extremely popular casino game. It is a combination of slot machines and poker which gives gamblers an excellent opportunity to win. Compared to roulette and slots, it is a mixture of chance and strategy. By using the most effective strategy, you can be on your way to making huge profits.

Since gamblers are allowed to replace cards in a game of video poker, such as Jacks or Better, having a definite strategy is the way to go. When discarding cards, it is vital to do so in a way that will increase your chances of winning.

The optimal strategy to be followed will be determined by the video poker variation being played as well as with various play tables. In order to maximize your winning chance, you need to understand the process of reading a payout chart so that you can differentiate among short, partial, and full-play editions.

In 9/6 video poker machines, the royal flush appears once every 40,000 hands which is equivalent to about 80 - 100 hours of playing. For bettors, it would be discouraging to make any wager hoping for a huge payout. However, the key is to place maximum bets as this will lower whatever advantage the house has over you.

Whatever variation you are indulging in, these are some rules that you need to bear in mind:

Hold on to three cards leading to a royal flush against two pairs of kings or aces since the former offers a more promising payout. Likewise, if three sequential cards can result to a straight flush reject the two cards because the three cards will more likely have a higher return.

Whenever possible, do not have second thoughts in discarding your five cards. You may get an extra card that is more important than holding on to an Ace or a King which will not be helpful if the succeeding card is a four, five, or seven.

When playing Jacks or Better video poker, see to it that you discard a complete hand only 3% of the time in relation to Deuces and Wild wherein players throw away a full hand 20% of the time.

As much as possible, avoid holding on to a couple of pairs. Pick the one only.

Finally, you should hold on to an inside straight only if the outcome is likely to become favorable from the original five cards. You should avoid throwing away a pair in anticipation of a straight.